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Used Truck Sale

Are you a small company or sole trader looking to acquire a truck to haul supplies or perform other business functions? If you have the capital, you could purchase a truck direct from a dealer. Otherwise, you could opt for a contract hire. But what happens if you donít have the credit or capital to make either of these options viable? Your answer is a used truck sale.

With the economy in its current unsettled phase and companies large and small shredding capital as quickly as they can, youíll find used truck sales everywhere. There is certainly no shortage of trucks for sale all around the UK, whether theyíre being sold by banks due to lack of payment by owners or by trucking companies attempting to downsize. As a small company looking to pay the least amount possible for a quality truck that will last a while, there are several steps involved in locating and utilizing a used truck sale:

  1. Look high and low for a used truck sale that suits your needs. Sales are advertised in several places, including industry magazines, websites and bank sale fliers. In general, its best to find a large sale or auction put on by a bank, as the institution will more than likely let trucks go for pents on a pound.
  2. Maintenance overshadows all. Once you find a suitable used truck sale, do your best to get a good idea of the maintenance that was put into the trucks on the block. If you have a company mechanic, it may be wise to take them along so they might examine the truck in question. Buying a truck for a great price is worthless if it is continually bogged down with maintenance problems.
  3. Haggle to the extreme. Most used truck sales are occurring because the seller is desperate to get rid of their inventory. This opens a perfect opportunity for you. Donít be afraid to push hard to knock every last pound off the asking price before committing. Odds are, they wonít say no to you.
  4. Negotiate for the greatest warranty you can get. Some used truck sales will not include long-term warranties, but most should allow you to return the vehicle within days in the event something is found to be amiss with it. If the truckís dealer or manufacturer warranty is still valid, so much the better.
  5. Upon purchase of the truck, immediately have it examined with a fine-toothed comb by several different parties. Before any warranty expires, you want to be absolutely certain you have a truck thatís going to last you through years of operation.

These steps may sound simple, but buying a truck from a used truck sale can be a nerve-wracking process. Information is your ally. Be sure to arm yourself with all available information on the truck you plan to buy, including any part recalls that have been issued. Though buying a used truck can be stressful, as long as you are extremely thorough throughout the process, you should come away with a quality truck at a bargain price.

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