Truck lease
Truck Lease

Truck Lease Insurance

When leasing a truck, insurance must be your top priority. Most states require auto insurance, and truck leasing agreements will most definitely require that a certain amount of insurance is purchased on the truck.

Truck lease insurance is generally comprehensive insurance purchased to allow the owner of the leased vehicle to recoup any damage done to the vehicle. The limit on claims is usually $5 million, which should cover all but the most valuable cargo. Truck lease insurance can be purchased in a variety of ways from several carriers. In general, the lessee of the truck will need to pay a licensing fee to the owner, plus a monthly premium. The other alternative is for the truck lease insurance to be included with the lease itself. This makes things easier on the lessee and the owner, allowing the insurance to be rolled up in the cost of the lease itself. This is generally what happens when a company offers a full-service lease. In addition to whatever else a full-service lease might include, it will include full insurance coverage for the truck in question.

Truck lease insurance is available throughout the UK, but fees and coverage may vary. Youíll need to thoroughly investigate the various plans and pay careful attention to the fine print in order to ensure youíre getting the best deal. This variation coincides with the cost of living in each area of the country.

If you leased a truck and somehow did not receive truck lease insurance, you can check with the major insurance carriers to find out whether you can subscribe to a plan directly from the insurer. It may be difficult to deal with carriers directly, so you may want to investigate receiving insurance from a middle company who can provide you with several options and act as a middle man. This can be a wise choice for truckers who donít have time to jump through the required hoops to get their insurance in order.

If you do end up dealing directly with a carrier regarding truck lease insurance, remember to aggressively negotiate for the best rates. Assuming you have a clean record and no prior incidents, you have a lot of leverage when it comes to haggling for a lower rate. Just remember that these agents do this for a living, so you may need to be very diligent and put up with a lot of bluster to finally arrive at a satisfactory rate. With the market the way it is, these insurance carriers should be bending over backwards to secure a new customer, which should serve to give you increased negotiating power. Also remember there are plenty of other options out there for you. Even if you donít feel like pursuing all of them, itís important to let the agent know that you have several other possible choices. With any luck, your truck lease insurance plan will fall into place quickly, and you wonít need to waste too much of your time negotiating.

Truck lease insurance is essential to the commercial trucker. For those who donít receive it immediately upon lease, your options vary greatly from direct negotiation to third-party management. Whichever you choose, however, itís something that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible after you lease your truck.

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