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Truck Lease

Truck Lease FAQS

The following are some truck lease FAQs:

Truck Lease FAQs: 1. Is obtaining a truck lease preferable to buying a truck outright for financial reasons?

That very much depends on your circumstances. However, more and more truck drivers, independent operators and freight hauliers are finding that truck leasing does indeed make more financial sense than purchasing a truck straight away, at least while the economy is in its current cycle. They generally find that budgets are much easier to keep on target and vehicles are available whenever necessary when they are leased rather than purchased. There are also full-service leases whereby the leasing company includes all kinds of maintenance, both interior and exterior, under the lease. This could include anything from tire pressure to exterior scratches. Operators can also have their logo and other information included on the vehicle at no extra cost.

Truck Lease FAQs: 2. Where can I find truck lease deals?

Truck lease deals are prevalent at the moment. You can find pages and pages of them on the web, plus you may be able to find some steeper discounts by searching in other areas such as banks or closed-down dealerships. Deals are of course regularly advertised in all major newspapers and other media. However, the internet offers the most deals that are easiest to access without the hassle of driving all over the UK. It is anticipated that deals will continue to be outstanding until interest rates are eventually raised when the European and American economies begin to recover in Ernest.

Truck Lease FAQs: 3. Are there any special considerations I should make when leasing a truck when it comes to the vehicle itself?

No. It is generally a good idea to treat a leased truck the same as one you were looking to buy when it comes to choosing the size, engine type and size, features, interior and exterior. For instance, features like satellite navigation are a good idea regardless of whether youíre leasing or buying the truck. By the same token, your engine size and overall truck size and volume considerations should not change based on whether the truck is leased or bought.

Truck lease FAQs: 4. Isnít it more difficult than ever to get credit from a dealer at this time due to the recent economic down turn?

No. There is no evidence that it is harder to get credit for a lease in the UK. In fact, interest rates still remain low, so now is a particularly good time to do this.

Truck Lease FAQs: 5. Donít truck lease contracts have very strict stipulations on kilometres travelled and other measurements that make it difficult or impossible to use the truck for most business purposes?

This is generally not the case anymore, especially with commercial trucks. You may encounter leasing contracts from passenger truck brands like Ford or Honda that contain these clauses, but even they are beginning to loosen what were once tight restrictions. Commercial leasing contracts, of course, have no such clauses, as they are drawn up with this situation in mind.

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