Truck lease
Truck Lease

Fleet Truck Leasing

Rather than owning and maintaining a fleet of trucks, medium enterprises with multi-vehicle needs should consider fleet truck leasing. It has several advantages over fleet ownership such as reduced administrative costs, no maintenance costs, streamlined operations, steady monthly budgets and countless more. As a company grows, owning a fleet may seem like the proper course, however, fleet truck leasing is often a wiser investment. In general, the guidance has been to own items that appreciate in value and lease items that depreciate. This axiom applies perfectly well to fleet truck leasing as well.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of fleet truck leasing is the lack of maintenance costs. Hiring competent mechanics and keeping the requisite spare parts on hand for any possible problem with any of your truck fleet can cost a small fortune in itself. And the costs donít end there. Your accounting department has to use valuable resources to compute the maintenance costs; your HR department needs to deal with employee turnover and any injuries that occur on the job; and your overall budget can seesaw rapidly based on the condition of the trucks in your fleet. With a full service fleet truck lease, none of these concerns would apply to you. In fact, not only do these leases take care of standard truck maintenance like tire and oil changing, many also include exterior upkeep such as painting your logo on the side of each truck.

Fleet truck leasing is also a sound choice from a capital standpoint. Since leasing your fleet requires so much less capital than buying it outright, you have many more resources to put into every other aspect of your business. You can concentrate on doing what you went into business to do in the first place. In addition, you will notice that your cash flow is significantly higher than it would be if you had foregone fleet truck leasing. This translates into greater profits more quickly and could help carry your company through this recession to emerge stronger on the other side.

Although the numbers may not indicate that weíre in a recession, the behaviour of consumers and financial institutions combined with the unemployment rate make it abundantly clear that the economy is sluggish and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Imagine what might happen if you sunk a large chunk of capital into purchasing several vehicles, only for the economy to dip yet again. The possible consequences are mind boggling. Fleet truck leasing allows you some reprieve from those concerns. Itís hard enough operating a business in this climate without worrying about your vehicle fleet on top of everything else.

Fleet truck leasing is a smart choice in an ideal economic environment. On todayís roller coaster, itís practically a no brainer. Though there exists the down side of not owning your fleet that is more than offset by the multitude of ways in which fleet truck leasing is better for your bottom line.

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