Truck lease
Truck Lease

Commercial Truck Lease

Whether youíre an independent operator or a smaller freight haulier, a commercial truck lease can be a vastly more economical and cost-saving alternative to owning a commercial truck.

Operators own their trucks for many reasons, from constant availability to complete control over the vehicle at all times. As the economy has dipped over the last few years, operators everywhere are re-discovering that a commercial truck lease is in fact more cost conscious.

A fully managed commercial truck lease means that the operator is not responsible for entering possible maintenance on the truck into the monthly budget. Since we all know that maintenance costs can vary widely, this takes much of the guess work out of the budget of a small haulier or independent operator.

A full service lease can encompass any type of maintenance including oil, transmission fluid, tire depressurisation and replacement, exterior cleanliness, exterior paint and many more items on both the interior and exterior of the truck. All of these services are covered under most standard full service leases.

What you get with a commercial truck lease is predictability. You can be quite certain that your vehicle will be ready for pickup and use at precisely the time you specify. It is in the leasing companyís best interest to do its utmost to have your truck ready for you. You donít have to worry about mechanics, cleaners or other maintenance people deciding that your truck in fact needs a full overhaul before you go so that when you come to start your trip, you find your vehicle in several dozen pieces scattered around a work bay, after which they calmly assure you that they can have everything put back together within a week or two or three.

Your budget department, or, in the case of an independent hauler, your budgetary mind, will appreciate the simplicity of a commercial truck lease. All you need to do is budget for one lump-sum payment for the month which covers absolutely everything related to your truck. There is no need to worry about a separate budget for the many facets of running a truck across Europe or even around the UK. If you can clear the books to afford this one payment, chances are your trip will go off well, and there will be no unexpected surprises.

Of course, a commercial truck lease also offers insurance should anything catastrophic occur to the vehicle. In these cases, you will not be stuck with the tab.

Overall, a commercial truck lease may be a more convenient and cash-conscious move to make in this weak economy. It allows you to have a vehicle at your command immediately without the crushing expense of buying a new or even a used truck that may have any number of problems. In addition, it makes budgeting a snap. So if you or your company is wondering whether to go for a new vehicle or perhaps a lease, a lease may finally be an option worth considering.

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