Truck lease
Truck Lease

Truck Lease

Truck leases are becoming ever more popular today as the economy shakes, rattles and rolls through this recession that seems unwilling to let go. In fact, many commercial operators are finding that this makes much more sense than buying a brand new or used truck, given the fragile state of the economy.

Traditionally, those in the market for a truck do not lease; they buy. They do so because they generally intend to drive trucks a lot further and put more wear and tear on the vehicle than would be acceptable under most leasing contracts. However, truck leases are becoming more and more flexible as companies look to attract buyers from all arenas of society. Whether itís an independent truck operator who needs to haul goods around the continent or a small business owner who merely wishes to transport tools and equipment from one job site to another, everyone has their reasons for wanting to thoroughly investigate truck leases.

Truck leases have different positive aspects depending on whether the lesee needs a large trailer truck to haul goods or a smaller pickup to facilitate operation of a business. However, in many ways, their requirements are similar. They each want a reliable vehicle that is as close to brand new as possible so as to have little or no wear and tear on the engine. Budgetary concerns are critically important to both types of buyers, and they need to know that they can block one budget item for their truck leases and not need to worry that the rate will fluctuate. And finally, they all need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your truck will not cause you great hardship if for some reason you must cease operations. In that case, you can simply return it to the dealer for a small penalty. This is infinitely more preferable than being forced to sell the truck, even if it is only a year old and is still worth quite a bit. It certainly is not going to be worth nearly as much as it was when it was purchased.

Freight hauliers have a few other reasons to prefer truck leases over purchasing a new vehicle. By far the most important one, though, is maintenance. If they take out a full-service lease on a truck, they can be guaranteed that their vehicle will always be there for them -- clean, well maintained and ready for a trip of any length. Also, going back to the budget, full-service truck leases are the only sure-fire way companies have of knowing that a truck wonít cost them any more money than is specified in the lease. Of course, petro needs to be taken into account, but that is virtually the only other expense item external to the truck.

Truck leases are making a comeback, and there is no end in sight. This is obviously great news for leasing companies but not such glad tidings for most dealers. For better or for worse, however, it appears truck leases are here to stay.

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